CPS – ¿The Rest is History?

Research, planning tool and masterplan for Manifesta 8, Murcia and Cartagena, 2010


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The ARTS ASSEMBLY unites a diversity of actors – that is, YOU – in participatory decision-making and amphitheatrical action to VALUATE WORKS of ART and their INSTITUTIONS in five live Valuation Chambers in the AA Amphitheatre, Los Molinos Auditorium. In the next-door Archive and Reverb Space, we hope you “GET HORIZONTAL”, re-view and actively participate in the process, for..

See the trailer(s) of On the Amphitheatre’s Ruins, a film on the AA process
in CPS Media Lounges.
The AA is a CRITICAL ORGAN of CPS at Manifesta 8.


For those not physically present, 

The Manifesta AA is constituted by:

Perpetuum Mobilε (Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen), Parfyme (Pelle Brage and Laurids Sonne), Ray Langenbach, Damian Le Bas, aladin, Hamy Ramezan, Jon Irigoyen, Diego Bruno, Johan Waerndt, Monika Marklinger, Li Zhenhua, Maria Lind, Gavin Jantjes, Viyé Diba, Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel, Pieter Vermeulen, Nicolaj Wichmann, Aaajiao

AA JURY members include:

Gavin Jantjes, Maria Lind, Viyé Diba, Sarat Maharaj, Ivor Stodolsky, Damian Le Bas, Marita Muukkonen, Pelle Brage, aladin, Laurids Sonne (among others)

The ROUND CHAMBER debates on institutions will include:
Many of CPS artists, AA Jury members and the CPS curators.



October 3rd  at   5  pm: Colonel (Thierry Geoffrey)
October 5th at 5  pm: Ralf Homan
October 6th at 6 pm: Filipa César
October 7th from 11am-2 pm, 4-6 pm: OPEN HOUSE in the  Archive and Reverb Space (Los Molinos)
October 9th  at 5 pm: Anders Eiebakke
October 10 at 5 pm: Khaled Hafez

To be scheduled: Ariel Reichman

The Arts Assembly is a Perpetuum Mobilεzation (http://www.perpetualmobile.org).

The ARTS ASSEMBLY functions as a conduit and an engine, bringing together art, practice and inquiry. Initiated by Russian field-philosopher and curator Ivor Stodolsky and Finnish curator Marita Muukkonen of Perpetuum Mobile, it acts as a vehicle to re-propose particular historical and institutional paradigms, as well as re-imagining theoretical models in fields which often exist in disparate territories and frameworks. Co-curated projects include: perpetualmobile.wordpress.com/exhibitions/ http://www.perpetualpavilion.org http://www.perpetualmobile.org
For Manifesta 8, their project titled On the Amphitheatre’s Ruins also features the animators Parfyme (Pelle Brage and Laurids Sonne, Copenhagen), Damian Le Bas (London) and S.a.L.E. (Marco Baravalle, Venice)

Born in 1971, Marita Muukkonen is curator of HIAP-Suomenlinna, Helsinki International Artists-in-Residence Program. She has worked as a curator for FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange, and was editor of FRAMEWORK – Finnish Art Review. She was part of the curatorial team for the Nordic Pavilion at the 2009 Venice Biennale, she curated Arctic Hysteria on Screen – the Finnish Video Art and Film Program for MoMA in New York in 2008 and was project co-ordinator at NIFCA, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art 2001-2005. With Ivor Stodolsky she co-curated the exhibition The Raw, The Cooked and The Packaged -The Archive of Perestroika Art, KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki 2007.
Born in 1972, Ivor Stodolsky is a writer and curator. The philosophical method he developed at the London Consortium has since been applied in curatorial practice (at The Archive of Perestroika Art – KIASMA) and in social research in the cultural field in St. Petersburg, Russia. Ivor holds a degree in Philosophy and Mathematics from Bristol University and has worked as associate editor for the global powerhouse Project-Syndicate.org. He is currently finishing a book on the non-conformist intelligentsia of the Soviet Underground at Helsinki University. Ivor has organised conference-festivals such as the Aleksanteri Cultural Fora and he curates events in the wider interdisciplinary field, most recently the Perpetual Gypsy Pavilion for the 2009 Venice Biennale.

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