CPS – ¿The Rest is History?

Research, planning tool and masterplan for Manifesta 8, Murcia and Cartagena, 2010

Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere

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What We Might Have Heard in the Future is science fiction based radio drama that investigates history in the future tense. The live broadcast performance questions the use of behavioral biometrics as authentication and validation of one’s subjectivity. Such narrows parameters bring into question structures of power as processes of inclusion and exclusion in regard to representation and the voice.

As accompaniment to the performance broadcast, Nevarez & Tevere will host and transmit a series of discussions with specialists in the fields of physiology, linguistics, and voice studies, elucidating themes characterized in the radio drama.


Angel Nevarez
1970, Mexico City, Mexico. Lives and works in New York.

Valerie Tevere
970, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Lives and works in New York, NY, USA

Nevarez & Tevere’s current projects investigate contemporary music, dissent and dissonance in the public forum. Their work moves between the spatial simultaneity of performance, discussion and enunciation, reflecting upon the projection of political agency through transmission and song. Their interests lie in the formation of mobile, performance-based, social spaces, along with the re-articulation of radio within such locales.
In New York City, their projects have been staged on the Staten Island Ferry, in The New Museum, and produced for Creative Time. Other exhibitions, videos and projects include WUNP, unitednationsplaza, in Berlin & Mexico City, and at Museo de Arte Raúl Anguiano, Guadalajara, Mexico. In 2009, they were artists-in-residence at the International Artists Studio Program, Stockholm, Sweden.
Angel Nevarez is an artist, musician, and deejay. Valerie Tevere is an artist and Associate Professor of Media Culture at the City University of New York / College of Staten Island.

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March 29, 2010 at 3:13 pm

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