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Research, planning tool and masterplan for Manifesta 8, Murcia and Cartagena, 2010


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Overview of residencies

Before and during Manifesta 8, we are planning four artists’ residencies.  For artist in residence we intend a person (either artist, media producer or educator) who spends a number of weeks in a specific location/environment to generate a process of exchange and produce a work in synergy with the location and in collaboration with the people working or living there.  The outcome may take the form of  a workshop or training session, an artwork to exhibit, an intervention in public space, a working-living situation or a media work to broadcast.

The first residency programme will see three artists in residency in the current detention centre of Murcia.  The second is a series of media-related residency: first, we have invited the artist Fay Nicolson to realize a project with the regional newspaper La Verdad, involving prominent guests who will produce a weekly page as contribution.  Furthermore, a number of media producer will work with other media outlets of the Murcian region: three radio producers and a number of film- and video makers will work with radio, TV and Internet platforms.  The third residency is organized by the collective Wooloo.org and will take place during M8 in the old prison San Anton in Cartagena, with artists living and working there.

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November 25, 2009 at 10:31 am

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