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La Verdad (newspaper)

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La Verdad (newspaper) – As part of its media programme for M8, CPS has invited artist Fay Nicolson to orchestrate a durational project with the Spanish Newspaper, La Verdad.

CPS and Fay Nicolson, in collaboration with the Murcian newspaper La Verdad, will bring to Murcia professionals from different background to produce a weekly page for publication in the newspaper over M8 duration.  The commissioned professionals are high-profile contributors to their field from around Europe and beyond, who can bring an interesting and relevant perspective on varying aspects of everyday life in Murcia.  The contributors are invited to Murcia for 4/5 days to develop a response for publication that draws on their specific professional expertise and interests.

Working with Nicolson and a translator (and sometimes a graphic designer), participants will prepare a page that communicates their thoughts and experiences in interesting visual and textual forms that may step away from traditional journalistic formats.  The aim of this project is to propose new perspectives of viewing Murcia and its cultural landscape to both local and visiting audiences, and to open the possibilities for communication, representation and exchange in both art and media contexts.

Written by cpsman8

November 25, 2009 at 10:45 am

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