CPS – ¿The Rest is History?

Research, planning tool and masterplan for Manifesta 8, Murcia and Cartagena, 2010


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Expanded Violences is an open project by Brumaria. As a work in progress, it’s constituted by an ongoing research, the production of artistic work and the production of a publication(s). It will take the shape of a site-specific work of art in Cartagena, within the frame of Manifesta 8, and it will be continued in the future, with possible materialisations in different contemporary art venues. In this proposal, we make an attempt to juxtapose the results of an exchange and junction of thoughts about the media space, nowadays filled with an infinite variety of images and information, which are impossible to reduce to a single judgement. These images and information, of a varied range and with a very short duration, conform a huge visual and memory archive, susceptible of being articulated like a collection of sediments, following the antithetic principles of order and chaos. These principles of order and chaos represent in our present moment the deep contradictions of the expansive development of late post-industrial capitalism, by showing its main support: its permanent state of war / state of exception.


Founded in 2000, Madrid. Operates in Madrid, London and Berkeley, California.

Brumaria is an artists’ project dedicated to the creation of a space for reflecting, studying and developing cultural proposals. Its objective is to circulate theoretical/practical materials relative to artistic and aesthetic ideas and their relation to inherent social and political structures.
Brumaria has developed various publishing, curatorial and artistic activities, simultaneously involved in several projects of collaborative practices. Publications include critical essays by renowned international authors such as Alexander Alberro, Marius Babias, Alain Badiou, Roger Buergel, Judith Butler, Hal Foster, Andrea Fraser, Boris Groys, Hans Haacke, Maurizio Lazzarato, Pamela M. Lee, Lucy Lippard, WJT Mitchell, Gerardo Mosquera, Antonio Negri, Jacques Ranciere, Irit Rogoff and Slavoj Žižek.

Written by cpsman8

June 1, 2010 at 10:52 am

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